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Tourist Zen: Visting Alcatraz

There are those times that I just want to be a tourist. I have the hardest time turning off my brain from work mode and just enjoy being present in the moment. I'm working to find that balance of taking photos but staying in the moment and I've found my own personal solution; taking photos like a tourist. Sounds simple enough but it's harder than it sounds. Rather than trying to find the perfect angle or composition I just let myself flow on auto pilot, trusting that my years of practice would just find it's way into the photos. To my surprise it worked. I'm happy with what I managed to get while taking the audio tour through Alcatraz allowing me to enjoy where I was and the experience. I quit worrying about how I could shoot this better as that constant battle is a drain on creativity as well as taxing on my mental health. As I travel more, I'm putting this into practice. Be a tourist, enjoy the moment and the people I'm with. Live knowing what photos I get will be enough.

Nerd info: All images were shot with a Canon R8 and RF 35mm f/1.8 and 16mm f/2.8.

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