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Portraits of Kris

I recently got to take some portraits of one of favorite humans. I started photographing Kris almost 15 years ago and it’s always a pleasure working with her. I had just picked up a Canon R8 mirrorless camera to test and wanted to run it through some tricky lighting, so I set the shoot near sunset to get some golden and blue hour. My friend has an amazing garden so we just kept it outdoors using natural light. An Canon 85mm f/2 RF lens was my choice since I fully intended to test the little R8's ISO performance and with all the work Brad had done to his garden, a little more depth of field would show his oasis off nicely. I'm really happy with how these turned out and how the Canon R8 performed. It's a tiny powerhouse that has earned a place in my bag as a permanent resident. Over the years, Kris has been very important in my development as a photographer so thank you Kris for your time and trusting me with your images.

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