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Elevate your skills with


Classes help you expand your skills and knowledge about photography. Learn in small groups to grow and develop as an amateur or professional. Upcoming classes will be listed as they are scheduled.


Beginner: Introduction to studio lighting

Intermediate: Builds on knowledge of basic studio lighting. Learn how to make a basic set up look complex.

Advanced: We'll use multiple lights and strobes, a mix of constant lighting and strobes, bounces, and more.





Working with Models

Part 1: What to expect when working with a model

Part 2: Lighting, props, backdrops

Part 3: Bringing out the best in your model, what not to do,  


Beginner: Basic set ups in the studio

Intermediate: Shooting multiple light setups, changing backdrops

Advanced: How to shoot groups, outdoors/nature, overcoming bad lighting 

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