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Learn from a pro!

We offer a variety of opportunities to learn from one of Oregon's finest photographers! This is your chance to learn under the direction of a skilled lighting and technical expert, regardless of your experience level, equipment, or interest area, like commercial, editorial, art, street or product photography. Bring your challenges and goals, and you'll gain knowledge, confidence, and tricks to apply immediately, bringing your photography to the next level.


You've got some skills, but want to elevate your game. We work with individuals in a  one-on-one lesson that usually ranges from 2-4 hours. We can hang out in the studio or head to a location to practice in real-world situations, focusing on your camera settings, anticipating challenging lighting conditions, working with models or products, composition, etc. It's a low-pressure way to build your skills and ability to react to the perfect shot before you need to.  


Group dynamics add an extra level of energy to learning! Classes are offered for 2-6 people to ensure that everyone gets personalized attention, and range from 4 hours to two days. You might be paired up with another photographer to practice being in front of the camera so you can gain a better understanding of how lighting setups look from all angles, as well as how to better appreciate a photographer's direction. Classes focus on technical skills and move at a pace where you get a deeper understanding of the tools you use. Classes are held in the studio and we bring in models and hair/MUAs that fit the topic. Classes allow you to enhance your skillset during your downtime and be prepared for a variety of clients. Classes will be posted as they're scheduled.   


Want to set up a photography station at your business for on-the-fly product shots or to enhance your marketing and social media posts? Hire a pro to come to you, assess your environment, make scalable equipment recommendations, and teach you and your team some tips for getting the most out of your images. We're your secret resource as your business grows and needs change, and we'll continue the education to ensure you're able to execute your new vision.

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